My art education began when I studied for a degree at Chelsea School of Art in 1987. From then on I have pursued the art of responding figuratively to the visual world and have found this to be the most fascinating source of inspiration and learning.

I aim to capture atmosphere and  energy in my interpretations of reality. Colour, rhythm, composition and an interest in relationships between people, objects and the viewer fill my paintings and drawings. I use observation, imagination, photographs and memory to aid me in my journey towards a final image. Ultimately I hope to add a personal twist to a well trodden path.




Here are some shows I have taken part in since 1990

  • 1991  Leicester Schools Collection
  • 1991  Drawing From Life Covent Garden
  • 1994  N5 Gallery, London
  • 1996  Dulwich Picture Gallery
  • 1997  St Johns, London N19
  • 2000  St Johns, London N19
  • 2006  Lauderdale House, London N6
  • 2009  Alleyns School, Dulwich SE22
  • 2012  Art In Action, Oxford
  • 2013  Art in Action, Oxford



Contact Details


Annabel Boltsa
Mobile:  07941478564